Heaven’s Disciples Music

About Us

Heaven's Disciples

Heaven’s Disciples Music is a Christian urban music record label featuring rap and hip hop, rhythm and praise (R&P), and reggaeton music artists, DJs, and producers. Heaven’s Disciples (HD) Music was founded in January 2010 by Rodney ‘Insight’ Burutsa. Our digital record label manages the music artists, DJs, and producers signed onto HD Music. In August 2010, Heaven’s Disciples Music Publishing was formed as a division of Heaven’s Disciples through BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.).

Our Mission

hip-hop-microphoneHeaven’s Disciples Music provides clean, godly, and high-quality urban music from its in-house music artists, DJs, and producers. HD Music continuously strives to entertain its fans by providing meaningful music that is full of life and purpose. Our music celebrates life instead of death; it glorifies God and speaks on real life issues that our fans can identify with or relate to.

What We Do

HD Music creates original music that our fans can enjoy and feel good about.

  • Our music artists write their own lyrics before they record and perform the songs.
  • Our DJs create music from our artists’ songs and our producers’ beats (instrumentals). Our DJs also host mixtape albums of songs by Heaven’s Disciples Music artists and producers.
  • Our music producers create original beats for our music artists and DJs. Some of our producers also make beats for licensing to the public on the Rap and Hip Hop Beats site.


Our Vision

HeavensDisciplesStudio2011_582x437Our dream is to have our Christian urban music in the mainstream media and in the hands of our fans of all cultural backgrounds worldwide! A few years from now, we envision Heaven’s Disciples Music with music artists, DJs, and producers, chosen from around the globe, signed onto our digital record label.

We also envision our Christian urban music encouraging the youth to return to their local churches. Our music will be played in Christian clubs, and will be featured in films, video games, and other entertainment mediums.

As a digital record label with talent from around the world, our talent hosts their own private studios. With funding from record sales, we will build a music production and recording studio for the company. It will be located in the upcoming Heaven’s Disciples headquarters (HQ).